If you and your friends have ever talked about interviews and applying for jobs, you probably already know that interviewing styles can vary. Just as not every job is the same, not every interview is the same. We’re breaking down three different interview styles and tactics, and what types of roles they’re best suited for.

Test-Based Interviews

Test-based interviews, or sometimes called competency-based interviews are just how they sound. Interviews focused around understanding a candidate’s competency around the specific skill they’re being hired for, typically in the form of a test. These types of interviews are typically reserved for very technical roles that have concrete problems and solutions. For example, if you’re interviewing for a software engineer role, you might have had to take a test for an interview before.  These types of interviews help the organization to hone in on the most qualified candidates, based on the results of these tests.

Our best tip to prepare? Study up and practice your specific skillset. Make sure you review anything you might be a little rusty on, so you’re prepared and ready when the time comes for your test.

Project-Based Interviews

Project based interviews, are interviews that focus on understanding a candidate’s thought process on how they might go about a project they’re handed. Project-based interviews are typically reserved for more creative roles, for example a Creative Director or a PR Account Manager. Luckily, with these types of interviews all the preparation is done beforehand. Once the hiring manger provides your project prompt, give the project 100 percent of your effort. This is your time to shine and showcase what you can bring to the table.

Question-Based Interviews 

Question-based interviews are the typical interview you would expect. A hiring manager is prepared with a specific or loose set of questions, and the candidate answers the questions on the spot. Question-based interviews are great for learning how a candidate’s mind works and how they solve problems by thinking out loud. If the hiring manager is looking for someone who requires problem-solving abilities, question-based interviews are a good route to go down. The best way to prepare for a question-based interview is to run through hypotheticals or past scenarios that can highlight your skillset. Be prepared to speak to specific experiences that can validate your answers, as well.

What’s your favorite interview style and why? Tell us in the comments!