In a time of a hiring boom, you might be getting LinkedIn messages from recruiter after recruiter promising you a shiny new opportunity with all the perks and more. If you’re not actively seeking a new job and not particularly unhappy at your current job, it can be tough to approach the conversation of a competitive offer with your current boss.

We’re sharing a few tips on how to approach the situation and talk to your employer about competitive offers. 

Narrow Down What’s Competitive About The Offer

Before you can discuss a competitive offer with your boss, you need to have a thorough understanding of what exactly makes the offer competitive to you. Is it a fully remote position? Is it higher pay? More vacation days? Understand what the offer brings to the table before you discuss with your current employer.

Communicate With Your Employer Your Needs

Maybe this new offer offers more PTO or a more flexible work environment, but before jumping to take the offer, make sure you’ve communicated your needs to your current boss. If you don’t communicate to your employer what you need, you’re not giving them the opportunity to listen to and give you what you need. 

Be Prepared to Have an Open Discussion

Before having the conversation, shift your perspective to be sure you’re having an open mind and open conversation. Going into the meeting strictly with the intention of using the competitive offer as leverage for a counteroffer may set the wrong tone for the meeting.

Understand Your Employer Might Have Limitations

Especially if you work at a large company, your employer may only be able to do so much to make you a counteroffer. Sometimes there are rules and restrictions around title changes, raises and work flexibility that your immediate boss might not have power over. Be understanding in the discussion, but know when you might have to walk away.