It’s November, which means we’re officially eight months into the pandemic. Amongst other things, that means that work-from-home life is more than likely here to stay for the foreseeable future.  Whether you’re an avid work-from-homer, or you’re still getting acquainted, we’re sharing our top three tips to help you stay productive (and sane) while working remotely. 

Resist the Urge to Start Work Immediately After Waking Up

This is, admittedly, easier said than done. In the midst of stay-at-home orders and the digital age, it can be tempting to roll out of bed and immediately log into Outlook to check the emails you received over night, outstanding client requests and what’s on your calendar for the day. However, when working from home, it’s important to set clear boundaries between the two. Our biggest tip? Set your alarm a little earlier and dedicate the mornings for you. Whether you dedicate that time to meditation, reading, journaling, exercise or all of the above – block out the mornings for you and don’t even pick up your phone until it’s time to officially clock in. 

Have a dedicated space for working. 

While not everyone has the luxury of big apartments or houses with extra bedrooms to convert to an office space, it’s always beneficial to have some sort of dedicated workspace. We know cozying up in your pajamas and working from the bed or the couch can be tempting…but it’s important to try to set boundaries between work life and home life. Having a space just for working can help trigger your brain into “work mode”. Maybe you dedicate a space at the kitchen table for your workstation or maybe you set up a desk in the living room. Regardless, having a space dedicated to work will help shift your focus into “work mode” in the morning and into “home mode” (or “happy-hour mode”) come 5 pm. 

Actually take breaks during the day.

We get it. There’s a lot on your plate. It can be challenging to juggle working from home, Zoom meetings, online school, walking the dog, holiday planning and so on. That’s why it’s crucial to set a schedule and stick to it, and yes – we mean scheduling breaks too. When your desk is just steps away from the kitchen, it can be tempting to bang out just a few more emails while you eat, but mentally clocking out for your lunch will leave you refreshed and actually help increase your productivity. At Greenfield Partners, we always encourage our employees to take their lunch breaks – whether it’s eating lunch at a nearby park, taking the dog on a walk, or simply going to a different room to unplug for 30 minutes. Regardless, scheduling a break time and actually sticking to it will promote mental health, work-life-balance, and productivity.